29 Jun

About Me

Hello. My name is Kevin. This is where I put all my musings about data science and how it affects our lives — work and otherwise. I strongly believe we have, and will continue to, overpromise the impact of artificial intelligence and underdeliver on actual capabilities. That said, I’m hopeful that as we get better with data collection, governance, and model explainability, we will build some pretty cool things.

In the day time, I’m a director at Techstars Ventures and invest in early stage startups (also, here) with my investment partner, Chris. Before investing, I headed Data Science & Analytics at Mattermark and spent time on the investment teams at Golden Gate Ventures and Revolution Capital.

I update this page (and the blogs) sparingly and the best way to reach me would be to DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

More on Investing

Chris and I have been investing together since 2017 and our goal has been to apply our respective backgrounds in product leadership (Chris helped take Coupa Software public a year earlier) and data science (me!) to help early stage (pre-seed, seed, A) data-first founders build, grow, and scale their business.

We believe data will power the future of human life. Whether it’s technology to help us communicate better, guide city-wide policy or make customers more productive, high quality and high volume of data are the keys to solving those problems.

Where Am I

I’m based in San Francisco and travel periodically to Los Angeles for work.
EoY 2018: Taipei, Singapore, and (tentatively) Seoul.