Current Location: San Francisco, CA

Other Places I Like: Taipei, Auckland, Los Angeles, Singapore
Occupation: Investor; formerly, headed Data Science at Mattermark and spent time at Golden Gate Ventures, Revolution Capital Group. Did undergrad at: University of Southern California

Brief Bios:

I’m an investor based here in San Francisco. I focus on data-first founders who leverage data science/machine learning technologies to augment enterprise work. My partner and I have made investments in transportation, business intelligence, customer support automation, and ecommerce optimization.

Prior to investing, I led data science at Mattermark (YC, Foundry-backed), a software platform that helped investment and business professionals accelerate deal-making through greater data visibility. I also spent time on the investment teams of Golden Gate Ventures and Revolution Capital Group.

If you have questions or just want to reach me (I really like coffee), you may find me on LinkedInTwitter and email (kevin[dot]chieh[dot]liu @gmail.com)



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