29 Jun

About Me

Hello. My name is Kevin. This is where I put all my musings about data science and how it affects our lives — work and otherwise. I strongly believe we have, and will continue to, overpromise the impact of artificial intelligence and underdeliver on actual capabilities.

In the day time, I lead Investor Platforms over at Techstars Ventures and invest in early stage startups (also, here) with my investment partner, Chris. Previously, I headed Data Science & Analytics at Mattermark and spent time on the investment teams at Golden Gate Ventures and Revolution Capital Group.

I update this page (and the blogs) sparingly and the best way to reach me would be to DM me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

More on Investing

Chris and I have been investing together since 2017 and our goal has been to apply our respective backgrounds in product leadership (Chris helped take Coupa Software public a year earlier) and data science (me!) to help early stage (pre-seed, seed, A) data-first founders build, grow, and scale their business.

We believe data will power the future of human life. Whether it’s technology to help us communicate better, guide city-wide policy or make customers more productive, high quality and high volume of data are the keys to solving those problems.

Where Am I

I’m based in San Francisco and travel periodically to Los Angeles for work.
EoY 2018: Taipei, Singapore, and (tentatively) Seoul.