Thoughts about hunting new deals.

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Thoughts about hunting new deals.

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I suspect this is well-known for investors already. I know at Golden Gate, it definitely is a thing where we’d chat with our portfolio companies about what services they use and such. Regardless, it seems that in addition to figuring out what teenagers are using (@ProductHunt[1], early investors would probably get a ton of value by looking at what other startups / growth stage companies are using.

In the past few months, I’ve seen a lot of interesting services get traction and subsequent funding.

  • SifterApp? Are you next?
  • LeadGenius: lists of corporate contacts – $6M, Series A, 10/8
  • Lever: recruiting platform – $10M, Series A, 10/2
  • Crowdflower: data science as a service (basically) – $12.5M, Series C, 9/17
  • Hired: recruiting marketplace – $15M, Series A, 3/24

Oh yeah, one more. Mattermark: the only deal intelligence software you need – $2M, Seed-2, 7/29.[2]

[1] I don’t know why hyperlinks aren’t working. Time to build my own theme.
[2] Incredibly shameless plug.

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