Top Blogs for my my Startup Friends. Sort of.

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Top Blogs for my my Startup Friends. Sort of.

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A while back, my friend Michael asked what I read on a regular basis. I thought about it and came up with a “quick and dirty” list of the various blogs I try to read. Thought I’d throw this on my page and share it with everyone!

For actual startup founder blogs, Venture Village has a good list (; I took a quick look and recognize the startups’ names. Should be solid.

Andrew Chen ( He used to be a VC, now an entrepreneurt. Been following him even before I came to the states. He’s probably one of the first Valley people I was aware of. Writes a ton about growth hacking, marketing and other startup-y stuff. (try: New College Grads – don’t sell your time for a living

Paul Graham ( the guy is like god of startups – he founded Y Combinator, which, if you don’t know, is like the Harvard/MIT of startups; it’s better cooler than Ivy League if you can get in. YC is an accelerator program – 10/12 week program that helps you build your product up to a Demo Day and then off to the races. Been reading Graham’s stuff for a few years now – whenever I feel hesitant about my life choices (re: entrepreneurship), his stuff always gives me weird encouragement. (try: Student’s Guide to Startups”

Fred Wilson ( another top VC; he founded Union Square Ventures based in NY. He has a lot of good words of wisdom and runs this “MBA Monday” thing, which I think is pretty neat. I don’t really have a particular piece off the top of my head – he’s all round impressive guy.

Bijan Sabet ( He’s from Spark Capital in Boston – early investor in Tumblr and other stuff. I followed him when I used to use Tumblr a lot (now I don’t, really). His posts are pretty succinct and I enjoy his non-work stuff also. It’s pretty neat.

Chris Dixon ( he’s a VC at Andreessen Horowitz – think Twitter investors. I enjoy posts that have a bit more depth and Chris definitely supplies that for me. He’s a very articulate guy.

David Lee ( I like reading David’s stuff cause he’s not a traditional Valley guy – he’s a lawyer; not a strict techie by profession. He’s also Asian and while there are a ton of us in the Valley, not everyone has his kind of presence. (try: “Why I Never Started My Own Company”

VC Cafe ( This is more of a resource site than a simple blog – but there’s a lot of good stuff that’s helped make the past few years interesting for me. It’s run by a guy called Eze Vidra, who now works for Google Campus in London. (try: “So you want to be a VC?”

I follow Homebrew VC on Twitter, and saw this post yesterday, “The VC Metrics Behind Investing in One of Every 100 Companies We Meet” (; it’s a pretty transparent post on VC financing – also brings about how rare VCs actually end up investing in companies – 1%

A few months ago, I came across this “My Startup has 30 Days to Live” ( Humble reminder that it’s a hard hard road.

Other VCs/investors that I don’t follow regularly but probably write really good stuff Wesley Chan (Google Ventures), Guy Kawasaki (early Apple guy), Mark Suster (, Jason Calacanis (, Jeff Paine ( my boss)

Obviously, Fast Co, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, etc are all good places for startups. Will update with book list.

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