What I’m Reading Today – Jan 9, 2014 #KevinsDailyReads

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What I’m Reading Today – Jan 9, 2014 #KevinsDailyReads

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Weather’s cold – basically everywhere. Keep warm and don’t get sick!

#gentrification continues – techie NIMBy in Rhode Island – tech CEO urges probation offices to be moved out of DT; RI Gov wanted to move offices DT – closer to parolee but also near growing # of startups; obviously, this doesn’t reflect the whole tech community…. there are a bunch of techies trying bring communities together – not divide them (Salon);

Came across this piece about someone who was, essentially, guilt trip/coerced into taking a job through a placement agency; quite tragic – though there’s a silverlining in the end (Human Workplace);

I’ve never heard of fluxspaces until today – what makes San Francisco a “living city” (according to article) weird space inbetween gentrified and self-imposed ‘hipster’-ness filled with the young and ambitious; the hackers and makers (PandoDaily);

Yesterday Forbes came out with its annual 30-under-30 list – list of future movers and shakers (Forbes); here’s some commentary from Wall Streeters about the list; apparently, they’re unimpressed – probably just bummed they’re not on the list – kidding (Business Insider);

Sometimes I peruse LinkedIn and come across interesting thought pieces – here’s one asking if there’s a relationship between family upbringing and career choices (LinkedIn)


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