What I’m Reading Today – Jan 8, 2014 #KevinsDailyReads

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What I’m Reading Today – Jan 8, 2014 #KevinsDailyReads

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Google’s latest media hit involves a private ferry that transports employees from SFB to Redwood City (The Verge); this comes just weeks after demonstrators smashed the window of a G-bus to protest the area’s gentrification (The Verge); did some digging, SF Mayor Lee intends on charging tech co’s $100k/year to use MUNI bus stops; still doesn’t really address the gentrification… (TechCrunch);

A quick Google search for “tech gentrification” yielded ~ 400k hits (900 news articles generated in the past few months re: Google, Apple buses, Twitter moving into downtown SF); came across this great piece “2013: The Year we stopped trusting technology” – good call for action/reminder that actions have consequences and impact (Salon);

After 3 years, IBM is still trying to figure out how to monetize Watson; broad biz plan expects $10B annual rev in < 10 years; so far, been hitting $100M; Wall St hoping for something “special” – hoping it’d be Watson (WSJ);

Think I’ve already shared this with some of you – but science teacher loses 37 pounds after eating only McDonalds – kind of cheating if you’re not eating fries and/or nuggets; but it’s true – you can make good dietary decisions wherever you go (Buzzfeed);

Facebook acquires Indian data analytics startup, Little Eye Labs for < $15M; you’d wonder if LEL was a US-based co if valuations would be higher (Financial Times)

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