What I’m Reading Today – Jan 6, 2014 #KevinsDailyReads

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What I’m Reading Today – Jan 6, 2014 #KevinsDailyReads

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How Zuckerberg “grew up” and took the helms of the $100 advertising company; good read on Facebook‘s mobile monetization (WSJ);

An unusually long and human piece for TC – Silicon Valley‘s rise and fall through the past half decade; a tale of immigration, innovation and your smartphones (TechCrunch);

“It really isn’t a floor, it’s a TV studio—a TV studio with better props than the one Nasdaq’s got” – NYSE beats out Nasdaq in technology IPOs; win for human traders? Maybe (WSJ);

30 – 50% of our food ends up in the trash – the dumpster-diving freegans there to the rescue (The Splendid Table);

Apparently it’s really cold in Canada – the ground’s cracking; stay warm (Business Insider)

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