Jan 2, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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Jan 2, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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And… now we’re done with exciting festive days for a while. Till MLK or something, I suppose. Here’s to another day. I refuse to write about the recent Snapchatdb debacle (it’s everywhere). Google it.

Benefits of being a Berkshire Hathaway newspaper company – deep pockets; so far, Buffet has spent ~ $400M over 70+ newspaper purchases; has invested plenty in improving manufacturing technologies; since newspaper sector is not a major BH investment, shareholders more ok with Buffet’s shopping spree (WSJ);

Andreesen Horowitz co-founder, Ben Horowitz, published a very thought provoking piece about “can do” (and can’t do) culture;  spot on w/r/t how large corporations require hierarchy to approve innovative ideas and initiatives and explains succintly why sometimes small teams can do better (Re/code); NB: Re/Code is Walt Mossberg’s new journalism venture after AllthingsD (co that brokered many of tech’s beiggest news in the past decade);

About that morning coffee – this woman made it her year’s goal in ’13 to consumer only Starbucks (or Starbucks “inspired”) products; avg monthly spending $500 ~ 600; assuming a 30-d month, she spends about $7.14 per meal – which is actually not that bad; woman also dressed up as the mermaid for Halloween (Buzzfeed);

Central banks’ reputation will be on the line in ’14 as to how effective they are at crafting monetary policy and being financial supervisors; ’14 marks is a year that will be coloured by CB uncertainties – side effects: volitility in financial markets due to lack of faith investors have for the CB’s ability to follow through with expectations  (The Economist);

#casestudy Father and Son Pizzeria (NY) owner Carlos Vega bought the biz for $75k and now seeks to either expand out the pizza spot or go into sauce manufacturing; for the biz minds, this is an interesting analytical piece that doesn’t usually show up in daily news; if you get a chance, would love to know your view (New York Times)



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