Dec 26, 2013 #KevinsDailyRead

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Dec 26, 2013 #KevinsDailyRead

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Happy Thursday everyone – now that Christmas is done, get over the Christmas hangover with the hangover sandwich ( with today’s reads.

Rap Genius just got whacked by Google; Rap Genius (, the Andreesson Horowitz backed startup that helps rap fans decode lyric meanings, was caught #growthhacking the search giant’s algorithm; it’s one thing to have smart search engine optimization strategies, it’s another for getting caught with a very obvious play – the co asked bloggers to insert “Justin Bieber” tagged links to their blogs  (;

Hits and Misses – predictions for 2014; Hits: high-growth messaging platforms, Alibaba IPO, Solar; Misses: Amazon, Facebook, Google; some broad high level market predictions (;

A couple of days ago, the Vatican Church hired McKinsey and KPMG ( to do world class management consulting – streamlining the global marketing and communication; the cool folks at Quartz decided to paint out how the firms “might” advise the papacy ( It’s quite entertaining.

For a big man, Santa’s been pretty quick on moving house to house this year – how? on this bad boy; an anonymous “global logistics coordinator” had this gorgeous sleigh commissioned; wonder how much the thing costs – and did it deliver itself (;

The Federal Reserve has been called many names in the past – grinch, santa, and scrooge; naturally, there’s some correlation between the name and how much the average Ameican has in his/her pocket during holiday shopping season (;

Bonus: let’s reflect on the year – investor style (

Will be traveling through 29th. Take care everyone!



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