Dec 25, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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Dec 25, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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Merry Christmas everyone. Stay warm, drink that eggnog and be very merry 🙂 Here are some fun Christmas reads.

Christmas is one of the quietest days of the year – economically; NASDAQ, NYSE, Wal-Mart and other giants take the day off; fun fact – holiday sales rep 40% / $600Bn of all retail sales annually  (;

Ever wondered how your Christmas tree got to your living room? Turns out, they get airlifted. Take a look at the fun high-speed joyride your trees go on (;

From the Vatican, Pope Francis tells the Christmas mass to “not be afraid”; the message, like many of the new Pope’s recent public messages (re: gay priest), seemingly goes against the traditional Catholic rhetoric; whatever you want to call it – progress/courage etc – he’s a brilliant politician who understands that his Church needs the “ordinary people” to maintain its hegemony (;

On Christmas 2012, over 328M smartphone apps were downloaded (; 36% inc from 2011; hypothesis is that the first thing people do on Christmas after they’ve unwrapped their iPads is to download lots of apps – nothing better to do, right? (;

So the jolly question: is it politically correct to say “Merry Christmas”? Google Doodle, unbiasedly,  says “Happy Holiday”; acc to PublicMind poll, 67% of Americans prefer “Merry Christmas” (, also see;


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