Dec 23, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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Dec 23, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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Happy monday everyone – for those on vacation, hope you’re getting a great start to another well-rested week. For those who are working, keep it up – it’s worth it! and here are some reads for when you’re procrastinating.

Let’s revisit fiasco over minimum wage – on one hand, current min wage puts many Americans close to poverty line (re: McD employees needing to pick up add’l job), on the other hand, raising min wage allows co’s to hire better talent but still puts millions of Americans out of jobs; things to consider – 1) if everyone starts earning more money overall, then “poverty line” would probably go up; it’s relative 2) sure, big co’s earned trillions of dollars every year (see end of article) but capitalist perception lauds “maximize” shareholder pockets… better distribution of wealth might be the answer. But then we borderline socialism… and that’s unAmerican (;

#socialissued women hold only 28% of speaking roles in major blockbuster films; NYT columnist explores state of Hollywood and its lack of female representation (;

Totally #whitecollar status – renown wine collector Rudy Kurniawan “Dr Conti” ( could be sentenced to 40 years in jail for wine fraud (;

Indonesia energy co Pertamina will be building the first “supertall” self-sufficient tower; pretty cool idea though requires high startup capital – but long-term valuation should show significant cost savings (;

Americans spent over $55Bn on pet-related stuff in ’12; Feeling lonely? Walk into a pet store and you can cuddle date for $20; (

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