Dec 20, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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Dec 20, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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It really just occurred to me today that Chrismas is right around the corner. Jus remember it could be offensive to wish someone “Happy Holidays” ( Here’s today’s reads.

My fav #hedgefund SAC Capital’s latest update – another exec convicted (Steinberg, 41); Long-form exposé on what’s been happening with the HF over the past few months (;

Suffering for what he loves – Chinese-American artists caught in $80M NY art fraud; so far, he isn’t held responsible in court cases; misrep was thru dealers (;

US executions down to 10% from 2012; 19 of the 39 were in Texas – no surprises; Also bad for biz – European drug makers stop supplying drugs – is this corporate responsibility?(;

Elance + Odesk = classic biz case in betting on operational synergies (two together > sum of individual co’s); consolidating fragmented industry? Maybe; NB: Elance is an online “freelance” jobs listing (;

Only about 50% of students who sign up for MOOCs (massive open online courses) actually view lectures; 4% complete the courses, and 80% already have college degrees; retention and implementation strategies need to be rethought (

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