Dec 9, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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Dec 9, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads

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Happy Monday – for those of you here at USC, hopefully you got to sleep in! Study days and all. Study hard and good luck on those exams. Here’s some material for procrastination.

NSA staffers bummed out that Obama hasn’t visited them (in the aftermath of Snowden, surveillance scandals); all the controversy and media backlash aside, they’re just normal people doing their jobs (;

The AIDS Granny in Exile – the life and work of Gao Yaojie, an “exiled” 85-year old gynecologist who exposed the AIDS epidemic in China; yesterday I posted about how Buzzfeed wanted to join the news space; here’s one that really quite fits the bill (;

Absurd things that people do – this guy wears “white naked women as scarves” in the name of art; what’s even more absurd is that people text him ( to be worn (what?). This can be the social issues piece for the day (;

#archiveposts John Sculley – what did the PepsiCo CEO do after he left Apple?; this article is about 15 years old and it’s really interesting to step back and see how over-time, perception about things change; nowadays, most people don’t even know Sculley played such a crucial part in Apple’s early days (;

You know facial hair seems to be in this year? Well, all that stubble is hurting the razor industry; go figure (

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