Dec 8, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads (“Weekend Ed”)

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Dec 8, 2013 #KevinsDailyReads (“Weekend Ed”)

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Sunday mornings are rough – still rolling around in bed. Here’s a little something something to digest with the morning coffee 🙂

Wall Street gender reversals; power mums and stay-at-home dads. While it may seem like progress,  it might simply be a continuation of gender imbalance in the workplace? (;

@pandodaily interviews the “Man who Does Not exist,” an Airbnb /entrepreneur/ who is launching properties out for rent while avoiding NY’s housing regulations; often we forget how many barriers are institutional (;

Buzzfeed – remember how nobody takes Buzzfeed seriously? Well, the co wants to report on real news; heavy duty rebranding needed (;

#GeekFinance It looks like fewer co’s are stock splitting these days (; see stock split explanation here (;

JPM continues to be scrutinized for “son and daughter hiring program” in HK/China – prev SEC/USgovt accused the bank of bribery; why don’t these kids work in their fam conglomerates? Hm (;

Photo of the Day: 13 story apartment falls on it’s side in Shanghai, what? (

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