SEO #5: Analyzing Keywords (Google AdWords)

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SEO #5: Analyzing Keywords (Google AdWords)

The first thing we must do is get to know exactly what keywords our customers will be typing into Google – use Google AdWords to analyze this. AdWords is a tool that you type in a word and it will give you dozens of similar search terms. For example, when you type in “Herman Miller,” alternatives such as “ergonomic,” “Aeron chairs” and “best office chairs” come up in your Keyword ideas.

Additionally, when you put in into the Website filter, it will come out with a list of words – “herman miller aeron, aeron chairs, miller chairs,” etc and Google will give you both the number of searches and the competitiveness. In short, a competitive word is a word that is high in demand – you might not be able to reach the top of Google list for this particular word (eg. “Office Furniture” for BHC), but you might get a chance at being on page 2 or 3. However, you can also seek out the less competitive keywords – for example, “Beverly Hills Office Chairs” – which BHC is at no. 2 at the moment (July 17th, 2012).

The key is to get to know our audience – what kind of keywords would I type, if I were your potential customer, to reach your site portal? Think of it like taking the road to a shop – except, you, the shop-owner, have the control of how the customer reaches the shop. It’s powerful.

After you have downloaded the excel list of keywords, go through and analyze which keywords are most relevant to your customers – for BHC, those words would sound like “refurbished aeron chairs,” “used office chairs,” “used herman millers…”

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