SEO #3: Limitations of SEO

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SEO #3: Limitations of SEO

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What SEO Can and Cannot Do

SEO can definitely drive more traffic to the website. More specifically, if strategized correctly, you can direct the kind of traffic you want coming to your site – predicting, for example, what your potential customers would input in search queries would paint a good picture of how you can lead them to your site – for example purposes, I will be referring back to “Beverly Hills Chairs,” a portfolio venture the Los Angeles-based, business incubator, The Veloz Group is currently working on. For Beverly Hills Chairs, the queries may be keywords such as “Refurbished Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.”

However, SEO cannot simply turn traffic into customers. By luring qualified traffic, people who are already interested in your product offering (for example, the individual who wants to buy high-quality office chairs) you have a better chance of getting a customer – in the end it is still sales and marketing. Additionally, your site will naturally not end up on the top of Google’s list overnight – going back to Beverly Hills Chairs – there are currently about 25 product pages. For the Google query of “Office Furniture,” the no. 1 spot is occupied by OfficeMax, which has over 5600 product pages and existed for at least 3 years – giving it both ‘age’ and ‘authority.’

Note: Content is key. It is like going to an unsavory restaurant with a flashy storefront – perhaps you would be lured by its glamour but upon examination, you may find out that the food served is subpar. In the same way, high-quality content will help you convert customers.

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