Daily Feed: Kevin’s Obsession with Avocado

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Daily Feed: Kevin’s Obsession with Avocado

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I think I have an unhealthy obsession with avocado. I add it to most things – Chipotle, Subway and those American sushis. Nomnomnom. Ironically, I used to hate avocado. Growing up, I’d wake up to my parents chewing into avocado and honey on toast. I thought it was weird. The silky, plainness that came with the green pear-like thing….not my thing. Perhaps with most things I enjoy now, they’re “acquired tastes” that come from the oh-so-clichéd ‘growing up.’ Maybe like my preference for whiskey on the rocks, avocado is a sad reflection of my resistance against the sweetness of childhood and the innocence that I used to experience; the ignorance, the only world, I used to know.

Perhaps I am simply over-analyzing.

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