Daily Fascination: International Airports

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Daily Fascination: International Airports

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International Airport in Hong Kong

Walking through the HK International Airport

[HK Airport cause I don’t have a super artsy one of Taipei International)

I quite like airports. It’s such a fascinating place – I mean, the thought of moving through hundreds-of-thousands of people from one gate to another alone is quite mind-blowing (even more so when it works; like Taipei International. Not LAX).

Looking back on my Tumblr, I feel like I’ve posted quite a few entries at various airports around the world. I think it’s mostly cause airports give me a sort of ‘out of the ordinary’ space. A place where I’m isolated from my normal day-to-day activities, familiar faces and routine. I just sit, look up at the ever-changing flight schedule monitor and wait; purgatory of sorts. I can only imagine that, if such a realm were to exist, we would all sit (perhaps in a very South Park-like manner on a delayed airplane) and reflect on the past.

So here I sit, wait and reflect. The past few months have been a series of sweet coincidences; so timed to perfection that I guess, as 500 Days of Summer would put it, can only be explained by “fate.” Jk. That might be a tad of an exaggeration. The truth is, I hadn’t planned to travel so extensively this summer – actually, I’ve never flown so many places in such a short time; and I probably shouldn’t have made the flight down to Otago that morning, ay, Leon? Heh. This summer, I’ve touched base in cities everywhere short of Europe and Africa (Well, sort of). It’s definitely been quite the experience and once again, I’m thankful to everyone whom I hung out with in the past few weeks.

I’m always amazingly humbled and grateful that I can travel around and visit people every year. Gazing out at the rest of Shanghai from Park 97 was definitely an eye opener. These past few weeks of ‘summer’ in Taipei have been both interesting and exhilarating. Flying around with Dad was …gah, I don’t want to talk about it. And being able to go home every year always gives me a new perspective on my life. Even more so than all this, I’m thankful that there are people out there who are willing to chill with me as I… slowly… disrupt their daily lives with my presence. Thanks guys.

I may upload some travel logs over the next few days. I’m not sure yet. They’re long, oftentimes confusing and very ‘in the moment.’ I definitely don’t want to bore anyone to death with my essays – they’re longer than my actual holiday, I tell you. Anyway, we’ll see.

There’s a week left of summer before the ball starts rolling again. How do I feel? Complacent, mostly. More engineering, more business, maybe some philosophy? how about my startups? that party? that mixer? that concert? what am I going to do with my life?


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