Ron Johnson Takes on J. C. Penney

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Ron Johnson Takes on J. C. Penney

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“If he can take a little bit of that magic and sprinkle it on to J. C. Penney, you could really create the next generation of retailing,” said Deborah Weinswig, a retail analyst with Citigroup. “We’re at a very interesting kind of intersection right now where retail needs to be fun, it needs to be exciting.”“My lifetime dream has been to lead one of the large great retailers, to reimagine what it could be,” said Mr. Johnson, who was vice president for merchandising at Target Stores before joining Apple in 2000.

This is super exciting news!For those who don’t know who Ron Johnson is, he is, essentially, the mastermind behind the Apple stores – the one who has transformed a “computer sales floor” into that magical sleek store you see at every high-end fashion, business and chic districts around the world. He might as well have made Appleland – churros, giant turkey legs and rides – on iPads, maybe?Oftentimes we don’t really see the tech industry in this light. In reality though, a great piece of technology is only useful if people are going to keep using it. It needs to sell. Johnson definitely did a great job of communicating that, and while he was at Apple. It’ll be interesting to see how he’ll integrate all his Apple techie retailing experience back to the retail industry. Ron Johnson – CEO of JC Penney.

Ron Johnson – the “Steve Jobs of Retail.”

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