Leadership, Dreams and Quantum Tunnelling

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Leadership, Dreams and Quantum Tunnelling

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Dear Spell check: Stop trying to change my spelling of “tunnelling.” 

Amidst the holiday/thankfulness spirit, I’ve started to read “Strengths Based Leadership” for ELP. It’s actually quite an interesting book and from the 10 pages I have read so far, I would recommend this book. 

Anyway, a thing that has struck me was a quote presented early on in the book.

It says: 

Even though you may not notice it in the moment, the most effective leaders forever alter the course of your life.

– Tom Rath/Barry Conchie, “Strengths Based Leadership”

I think it is really true. I really would not be here if it weren’t for all the people who have crossed paths with me and inspired me. And of course in the very cute thankfulness spirit, I am very thankful to have had the privileges of working and chatting with those individuals (and I guess, groups). 

My aspirations, goals and ambitions today have very much been influenced by what those people, “leaders,” have achieved. The fact that they could achieve what they have today and that they have become the very people they once aspired to be inspires and empowers me daily. In a sense, this is perhaps why I still believe, as cliche as it sounds, “you can definitely achieve anything you want.” 

Because I know there are people out there who have done so already, I feel that there is nothing stopping me from doing exactly that – living up to my aspirations. 

So in a last expression of gratitude before Christmas and New Years (…in two, three weeks time), I would like to thank those people who have affected me personally, like my Father, and those who I just casually stalk on Forbes/CNN, Warren Buffet, Donald Trump… who have inspired me to go that extra mile and do what is challenging and not what is convenient. 

To dream the impossible dream….[and to] reach the unreachable star.” 

– Man Of La Mancha

To believe that there are still ways out there to change the world and that there are no walls too tall or too thick to be overcome. Or in the latter case, to be drilled through (“Quantum Tunnelling”). 

2 Days left in this glorious holiday. Oh Noes.

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