Live Above the Clouds.

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Live Above the Clouds.

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There is something strangely meditative in hiking for hours and looking at your surroundings when you’re at the tallest point. Perhaps it’s the feeling of empowerment from the accomplishment of hiking up… or maybe it’s just the adrenaline messing with my brain signals. The point is, it makes me feel calm.

I feel that oftentimes… things become easier if we step back and take a new perspective on things. At least for me, seeing things through a different lense, like the view from the sky, is meditative. That different vision becomes a tool with which we can assess our initial problems. Usually, a better solution can thus be formed.

Inspirations like these come to me… when I’m standing off a cliff uuuuup above the clouds.

Heh, on a lighter note, I just got back from my retreat! It was an AWESOME experience. I did not expect it to be so much fun. I did so much – hike up random naked mountains, snorkel with cute little sharks, kayak next to live seals….(and a dead one…) haha. It was good fun. Quite impressed that USC actually has the Catalina campus – definitely not something I expected.

I’m moving in tomorrow. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about it all (not like it matters, really). I’m definitely excited…. but at the same time, I’m pretty anxious. Although, I feel that this is all a personal thing – I always seem to feel cynical about things before they happen. It’s a weird mentality to have (I know) but it’s worked out quite well – since most things turn out well, I’m just that tad bit happier.

– Yes, we have an island as a campus. Basically just went camping on campus.

Anyway. Fight On!

Hope everyone’s been well in the past few days :]

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