We all have ExpiredFoodAttachmentSyndrome (E-FAS!)

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We all have ExpiredFoodAttachmentSyndrome (E-FAS!)

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So in the spirit of Spring Cleaning..
I decided I would attempt a mission – a rather controversial one, in fact. A path less taken, a task not tailored for the fainted heart… the journey of cleaning out the pantry.

Well, I figured, if I don’t do it now, it’s not like my Mother would ever bother with it. She struggles very much with…expiredfoodattachmentsyndrome (E-FAS).

Come on, we all know what I’m talking about. We just never get around to cleaning out those dark places. Most of us never bother to do it because 1) it takes too long and we’re lazy, and 2) it means going through the cupboard and throwing up a lot of crap – most of which are expired, unopened and huh’ed? (the final one being, ‘huh? when did I ever buy this?!’)

I feel the key here is Attachment. We are accustomed to stability and nothing beats stability than leaving that box of Special K in the back of the cupboard until a year after its expiration (mine expired 05/12/09). It’s rather ironic when you think about it. We live in a very dynamic world – filled with chaos, corruption and endless ‘White Noise’ (Don DeLillo) …and yet, rather than applaud change, we shun from it. As a biological species, we’re like any other, we enjoy the comfort of our habitat – and that is our home.

So how does all this blah blah relate to cleaning up the pantry? Well, it’s that same attachment that stops us from cleaning out those expired boxes of Nature bars. There is some irrational voice in our head that pops up whenever we feel like throwing away expired stuff – we think “hmmm… It’s still pretty fresh-looking, maybe I’ll just keep it a little longer…” and when that ‘little longer’ comes around, we still haven’t bothered to eat it. I’m not saying you should consume expired stuff, I’m just saying it’s irrational for us to think we would actually eat those foods at a later time.

Let’s think about it this way: the only reason we would let something bathe in the pantry past expiration date is because we lose interest in them – the taste, for example. It’s much like in a relationship when you lose interest in your partner and you stop txting him/her as much…and eventually, you just let it slide and the relationship ‘expires.’ The instant we lose interest, there’s usually no turning back and that box of Museli bars just heads for a path of no return. And as with the relationship analogy, we don’t want to deal with it – cause dealing means caring and caring takes, oh, work. Remember, we’re lazy!

Don’t get me wrong with all this, I know it sounds just like another rant… but I do feel bad about all this. I feel bad that after about 30 minutes I was able to dish out so many boxes of expired crap (see photo) and yet there are so many people out there that struggle to get food. We’re wasting food and money everyday just because of fancy packaging and awesome advertisements – I remember growing up and watching that Oreo ad with the kid and the dog …and of course, the signature glass of milk. We get sucked into all this and purchase large quantities (because usually we don’t really eat 40 Oreos….ever) and then leave it to waste in the cupboard.

So when you’re shopping next time, think before you buy. If you buy in large quantities, at least share it with other people – because unless you want to get diabetes or obesity, don’t attempt to eat the whole 10 tubs of Haagan Daz (Today it was 10 for $10.00)!

Don’t ever fall victim to E-FAS again!

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